DrawingPics Onboarding

Download the .dmg file from DrawingPics Desktop, open .dmg file and move the app to the /Applications folder as usual.

Then Click the app, and it will prompt you to select a folder or create a new folder to store all the installation files and future models. (Update: New version will skip this step, as we use `$HOME/DrawingPicsModels` as the default path to prevent path issues)

All files will be stored in the folder you select, ensuring that your file system remains organized and unaffected by the AI runtime.

The app will automatically install the necessary Python components and prepare the environment in an isolated location within the folder you selected.

If your network connection is stable, you will see a message indicating that the environment setup is finished. Simply click the "Enter" button to proceed.

The next step is to download the models. Click the "Download" button to start the process.

If any file downloads fail due to network issues, don't worry; we have a retry mechanism in place. Simply click "Retry" when you encounter a network error.

After the download is complete, you are all set!

Click Start button, then you can start using the canvas and begin drawing.

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